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Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cake

The Poet's House cake

I’m just back from two book events, one in Chicago at the Book Cellar, then on
to Milwaukee at Boswell Books. Thanks to everyone who hosted and everyone
who came out.

The Book Cellar’s Suzy Takacs supplied the terrific cake. My friend Donna Seaman, of Booklist, was my conversation partner.

In Milwaukee, it was so good to see Daniel Goldin of Boswell again. Christi Clancy, whose
great novel Shadow Season is just out in paperback, arranged for me to meet three more booksellers: Mary O’Malley of Skylark, Maxwell Gregory of Lake Forest Bookstore, and Lisa Baudoin of Books and Co.

Authors hardly need to be reminded that indie book stores and their proprietors are our best friends. They are people with a passion for reading. They will make their best efforts for your book, ordering, stocking, displaying, and hand selling.

Let’s give them a hand, or better still, a slice of cake.